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Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Screen Printing offers unmatched durability and flexibility while presenting images that are crisp, clear and colorful. The process involves laying down a thicker layer of ink coating which makes the product more resistant to the sun and other outdoor elements. It also survives the wear and tear that can be accumulated through cleaning agents and chemicals. This means that screen printed materials can thrive in challenging environments.

IMS provides you with a wide selection of color and material choices to help meet your objectives. We can screen print objects in:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Vinyl
  • Polycarbonate
  • Lexan
  • Foil
  • And more!

Even after the printing process, we offer a variety of enhancements to make your product look its very best including embossing, adhesives, overlaminates, die-cutting, doming and pre-masks. We stock screens from 12 X 20 to 48 X 48 and specialize in close tolerance, 1 color or 10. And best of all? We can handle all of the ‘this can’t be done items’ including nameplates, panels, chassis, decals, labels, and lexan overlays!

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Photo-metal combines the highest graphic resolution possible with incredible durability. That means you get a great looking product that can withstand even the most harsh environments and chemicals. Because of the balance photo-metal can strike between form and function, many government and aerospace companies frequently specify that photo-metal be used on applications where the physical demands will be great.

IMS offers a full range of photo-metal capabilities, including:

  • Thickness ranging from .003 to .063.
  • Three standard finishes: matte or dull finish, satin or semi-gloss and dead-soft satin which has the ability to resist curve
  • Manufactured prototypes, short run, long run, engravable and stampable, weather resistant nameplates for any industry.
  • Basic drilling, punching, round cornering, and shearing are done in-house.
  • Capability to fabricate any plate to any type of placement you may need.

IMS offers a variety of photo-metal products as per military, UL and CSA specifications all of which can be viewed here.

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When you need detailed and customized work done, die cutting can meet your needs. It can give your postcards, brochures and other collateral as unique a shape and look as the message you’re hoping to deliver.

Die Cutting

IMS offers a variety stock dyes as well as the capability to create custom cuts that can fit your budget and match your vision. Virtually any shape is possible!

In addition, we offer two options for adhesive-backed materials, which include:

  • Die Cutting – Cuts through printed sheets, the adhesive and the release liner.
  • Kiss Cutting – A less invasive procedure that cuts through the printed sheet and adhesive, but does not go through the release liner.

Our presses are well maintained to ensure that the die cutting is registered accurately to your printing requirements so they can print the kinds of unique pieces that will make your company stand apart from the herd!

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