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Lamination protects and preserves everything from ID cards to restaurant menus. But does lamination do more than just protect?
Lamination Preserves & Protects:
The following identifies some of the ways lamination protects your materials: Protects from spills, rain, grease and chemicals, abrasion, creases, wrinkles and protects from the sun!
Lamination provides long-term protection without the need for climate control or other special protective measures.
Lamination Also Improves Appearance:
These are a few of the ways lamination improves the appearance of your materials: Deepens and brightens colors, enhances contrast and dirt, grease and smudges can be cleaned off.
Lamination is available in gloss, matte or satin finishes that gives your materials a finished, professional look of quality. Lamination provides a durable way to protect and enhance almost any type of printed material. It improves the quality of materials by enhancing color and contrast, and providing a glossy “wet” look.


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